Since 1970, Cronkite Industries have been committed to craftsmanship, attention to detail, product durability, and customer service! Every equipment trailer comes off Cronkhite’s assembly line has been meticulously planned and designed using nothing but the strictest safety, and structural standards in the industry. All components that make up a Conkhite trailer are high quality parts that guarantee a long and durable life. A Cronkhite is a rugged, heavy duty, dependable trailer that is built stronger to last longer!

Cronkhite says “the frame is EVERYTHING”. Build it too light, and it won’t hold up. Weld it wrong, and it will break. That’s why Cronkhite finds overkill is the key phrase in describing their trailer frame material. Cronkhite starts with only high strength structural steel. This helps the trailer to withstand heavier loads and extends the life of Cronkhite trailers by many years.

Cronkhite uses solid 2″ oak hardwood for the deck floor, rather than pressure treated pine. Oak is more durable and will last much longer. Diamond plate fenders are standard on all Cronkhite trailer models. The electrical wires are encased in steel conduit. The conduit provides an extra measure of protections against weather and road debris.

All Cronkhite trailers have heavy duty Dexter brand axles. Cronkite has been using Dexter axles for the past 30 years. Based on Cronkhite’s experience, you cannot find a more durable axle on the market. There are cheaper brands, but no one comes close to matching Cronkhite’s quality and durability. Cronkhite’s Dexter axles also include additional enhancements to their axle component system like EZ Lube and self adjusting brakes.