Jon Kinzenbaw founded Kinze Manufacturing on a core set of values, values that withstood the test of time. Kinze’s values are the foundation to our culture, and are as relavent today as they were in 1965. Jon Kinzenbaw’s business started out as a small welding shop, when he was just 21 years old. Jon’s little welding business grew into one of the largest, privately owned agricultural equipment manufactures in North America. Today known as Kinze Manufacturing.

Kinze Manufacturing is a leader in Kinze Planters, Kinze Planting Technology, Kinze Grain carts, and even High-speed tillage equipment. Kinze strives to build dependable, innovative, and easy to use agricultural equipment that results in high productivity during the critical times of the year. Your operation requires durable equipment to handle tough conditions, while being simple to operate and easy to maintain. That’s why with more than 200 agricultural patents through 50+ years of innovation, Kinze continues to push the boundaries of performance. Kinze manufactures products that you can rely on to stand the test of time and terrain. Year after year. Season after season.

Kinze makes several different models of planters. These models include the Kinze 3660, Kinze 3700, Kinze 3600, Kinze 4900, Kinze 3500, Kinze 3000, Kinze 3110, Kinze 3140, and the Kinze 3200. Kinze offers the option of dry or liquid fertilizer systems, the also offer bulk fill or individual row unit hoppers. Along with many other options, Kinze continues to lead the planting industry with their Blue Vantage monitoring Technology. Call Miller Equipment today to see how Kinze Planters and Kinze Grain Carts can work for you.