MacDon Industries Ltd. is a family owned and Canadian based manufacturer of harvesting equipment. MacDon specializes in the production of pull-type windrowers, self-propelled windrowers, and specialty Draper headers for combines for world markets. Our disc, auger, and draper products are commonly used to harvest a wide variety of cereal grains, oilseeds, grass seeds, rice, soybeans, hay, forage, and specialty crops such as peas, lupins, and lentils.

A Reputation for Excellence Worldwide
As The Harvesting Specialists, MacDon has been building and perfecting harvesting machines for more than 65 years, but with one single goal in mind – making harvesting easier and more productive for you. That’s why every MacDon machine is designed and developed in direct consultation with producers and custom harvesters. Then, long before we ever release a new MacDon product, we thoroughly field test it, seeking out the most demanding field conditions possible. It is our way of ensuring that when you buy MacDon, you’re buying a product that fulfills its promise of exceptional productivity and worry-free performance. A machine you can depend on to get you through your toughest harvests.

Our Resources
MacDon’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada occupies over 600,000 square feet (55,741.8 square meters) of building space on more than 65 acres (26.3 hectares) of land. The plant features MacDon’s new powdercoat paint system, one of the largest of its kind in North America. MacDon maintains an extensive network of more than 700 dealers across Canada, the United States, Australia and Russia. MacDon also distributes to more than 30 other countries around the world including South Africa, China, Denmark, Italy, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Our History
MacDon began in 1949 as Killbery Industries Ltd., a manufacturer of agricultural equipment including sprayers, grain augers, discer seeders, cultivators and manure spreaders. In 1951 Killbery pioneered one of the first self-propelled windrowers, and the company would continue to play an important role in developing windrowing technology around the world. Through the years, Killbery (and later MacDon) was responsible for many design innovations and improvements. Advancements that have become standard features on the windrowers of today. Following the MacDonald family’s purchase of the company in 1971, MacDon strengthened its leadership position by undertaking major OEM contracts on behalf of some of the world’s largest agricultural companies, thereby assisting MacDon’s rise as one of North America’s largest manufacturers of windrowers. In 1986 MacDon introduced its MacDon brand of high performance harvesting machines into the United States through its own MacDon dealer network. The company passed a major milestone when it produced its 100,000th harvesting machine in the fall of 1996. Now, as we look to the future, MacDon continues its commitment to pioneering innovative technologies to harvest the crops of today and tomorrow. The company’s next generation of equipment includes many exclusive advances in harvesting technology and promises to provide farmers the world over with significant gains in productivity, allowing them to enjoy less time in the field and an improved lifestyle overall.

MacDon Draper Head

MacDon is a leader among all competitors in the flexdraper header market. The MacDon draper head is the most efficient draper head out there.  The flexibility of the MacDon draper head will provide outstanding performance in just about any crop under any ground condition. The MacDon C-shaped cutter bar promotes smoother crop flow with one of the industry’s shortest transitions from cutter bar to draper. Even is shatter-prone crops, it maintains a tight draper to cutter bar seal for better harvest performance.  With virtually no grain loss or shattering, your MacDon draper head will save you money you didn’t even know you were loosing. The MacDon FD70, MacDon FD75, and MacDon R1 series flexdraper heads are the most current models that you will see on farms near you.