Woods Equipment Company, headquartered in Oregon, Illinois, manufactures top quality attachments and genuine replacement parts for the agricultural, landscape, and light construction markets.

Woods has given people the power to be more productive since 1946, when Leonard, Keith, and Mervel Wood built the first tractor-mounted rotary cutter. Today, Woods’ agricultural, turf and grounds, and construction equipment is known for its outstanding quality and performance. Tisco®, part of Woods’ line of repair and replacement parts, is a recognized leader in “all makes” parts. Our WoodsCare™ genuine replacement parts carry Woods’ reputation for quality and durability. Every Woods product or part is backed by a network of committed dealers.

Essentially, the Woods story is several stories. It’s Woods’ history, plus the histories of the companies that have become part of Woods over the years: Alitec™, Central Fabricators®, Gannon®, Gill®, Wain-Roy®, and Tisco. Together, have over three hundred years experience in the industry. These leading brands include dozens of patents, hundreds of products, and thousands of parts that now carry the Woods reputation for durability, reliability and quality. Woods makes one of the best batwing rotary cutter on the market, known as the BW series, and designed by the customer.

Woods produces some of the nature’s most innovative and heavy duty Batwings and Rotary Cutters.