Fliegl is the Europe’s largest manufacturer of agricultural trailers. The Fliegl Push-Off Technology has revolutionized the transportation of agricultural products making it safer and more efficient. Fliegl is headquartered in Mühldorf, Germany and has been in business since 1973.  Fliegl U.S. moved to North Utica, IL in 2018, where they are now headquartered.

Fliegl U.S., Inc. is a distributor of Fliegl Agrartechnik, who stands for innovative agricultural logistics solutions from state-of-the-art manufacturing to economically efficient agriculture.  Fliegl exports to all continents in the world and started its American operation in 2014. Fliegl focuses on research and development including making sure all units keep the ISOBUS standard in agricultural practice.  Fliegl is world-known for its ASW Push-Off Trailers and we also offer truck boxes, semi-trailers, manure spreaders, forgery solutions, among many others in the United States.”

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