J&M Manufacturing Co., Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of grain handling equipment since 1960. Located in the agricultural community of Ft. Recovery, Ohio, J. & M. has consistently provided innovative, dependable, and high quality products to farmers throughout the United States and Canada, as well as overseas.

Starting in 1961, J&M built their first gravity wagon, holding 110 bushels, for a local farmer. Today J&M wagons hold up to 760 bushels. J&M builds all sorts of material handling equipment, such as J&M Grain Carts, J&M gravity wagons, J&M speedtenders, J&M “double twist” soil conditioners, J&M head carriers, and J&M liquid applicators.

In 1987, J&M designed their first grain cart, a side folding auger cart holding 450 bushels. In 1988 J&M introduced their Front-Folding Corner Auger Cart which continues to be the industry standard today. This J&M cart design utilizes a single auger that provides 100% visibility of the auger while unloading, and 100% visibility during the folding sequence. A J&M corner auger sump design also provides superior cleanout. Innovative options, like our J&M patented Hydraulic Flow Control Spout, Electronic Scales, Dual Wheels, Tracks and Roll Tarp continue to make the J. & M. Front-Folding Auger Cart one of the most demanded carts on the market today. J&M grain carts have grown in size and unloading speed – up to 1,500 bushel capacity with a 22″ diameter unloading auger, delivering over 600 bushels per minute.



We have been a leading manufacturer of farm equipment since 1960, providing better solutions that continue to help farmers increase their bottom line. We’ve seen the changing landscape of farming over the years first hand, because we are farmers too. It is our passion to continually provide innovative and high quality products that make the task at hand easier and more productive for many years to come. Not just for our farm, but for your farm as well.

Innovative Ideas

From the front folding auger for greater visibility to the V-Belt conveyors for hassle free maintenance, our many patented and innovative ideas are designed to make farming easier and more productive, helping you maximize your profits.

Highest Quality

Cutting corners or sacrificing quailty has never been the way we do business. Precision processes, durable finishes and heavier components ensure that our equipment will stand up to the toughest demands year after year. Our products are truly “Built To Last”.

Unmatched Customer Service

We have developed a reputation for outstanding customer service that is unmatched throughout the industry. Our customers understand and appreciate our ability to resolve any issues quickly and fairly with honesty, integrity and full understanding of their situation. It is one of the many reasons customers have continued to purchase our products from one generation to the next.